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The Montreux Jazz Festival on Lake Geneva is Best Place for Travel


Every year in July the Monteux Jazz Festival takes place in Lake Geneva. This music festival is known far beyond the Swiss canton of Vaud. The festival was founded in 1967 by the initiative of radio journalist Lance Tschannen and pianist Ego Foulard.

Today it is known all over Europe. Well-known greats like Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, and Les McCann played here as well as Herbie Hancock and Lester Bowie. Many artists, including Keith Jarrett, made their only European appearance in Monteux.

Contrary to what the name Jazz-Festival-Monteux suggests, this music festival doesn’t just play jazz. Of course, jazz is a focus of the program, but bands and musicians such as Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, Metro Toll, Marianne Faithfull, Deep Purple, Talk, and many others continued to provide appearances from the rock and pop world.

What is special about this music festival is the parallelism and abundance of musical genres that are offered in the same place at the same time. Again and again, artists are drawn to cross-style jam sessions and musical transitions. One of the most famous songs that have emerged is the hit “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen.

While in the beginning, the music festival lasted only three days, in 1977 it reached a record time of 23 days. The average for this event is currently 16 days. 200,000 visitors come to Monteux every year to be inspired by jazz greats as well as greats from rock and pop. In addition to the official program, local and regional musicians are now enriching the 17 stages.

Another special feature is that all concerts of this jazz festival are recorded completely. Over 4000 tape recordings are already in the sound and film archive, such as recordings from 1968 by the Bill Evans Trio, 1982 by Mink Deville, recordings from different years by Miles Davis, 1995 The Busters or 2009 Status Quo, by just a few to call.

The Monteux Jazz Music Festival stands for great music and great artists.

Experience the sensation of the year, James Blake, who introduces new sound constructions that sound idiosyncratic on the one hand, but above all inspire on the other. The Scottish band Mugnai is different, but equally worth experiencing, which wonderfully implements simple song structures similar to a thunderstorm of sound.

Don’t miss out on Africa Bambara or Coli performing on The History of Hip-hop.

Paul Simon, a part of the folk duo Art Garfunkel, will enrich the music festival, like many other artists. The jazz festival in Monteux is and remains an important highlight of the music industry.

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