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The Put a Ring on It in Your Engagement


It’s time to put a ring on it. You want to be trendy but classic, make a statement without going over the top, and purchase quality without breaking the bank. What to do?  You asked the experts to ring about your engagement!

Brides are definitely part of the decision,” says Dawn Winston, manager of Philip son’s Jewelry in Clearwater, Florida. The research on the internet, shop for rings with their prospective grooms and tear out pages from magazines as hints. Winston says couples are educating themselves about rings, stones, and trends.

Solitaires still sell, but ornamental designs are definitely in for 2013. “Ninety-nine out of a hundred rings we sell have a fancy design”, says Winston. White gold in 18k is the top seller because it is bright and retains its shine, but older brides tend to prefer yellow gold.

Speaking of yellow, colored diamonds are in again for 2013! They’re both accenting larger stones and are the main focal stone. Celebrities are driving this trend, according to Winston, since they’re choosing chocolate, yellow or pink stones for their diamond engagement rings. But white is still queen. “Everyone knows white diamond is a diamond!” says Winston. With colored stones, it isn’t always clear (no pun intended!).

Halos are trending as well. A halo is a frame of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger diamond. The main stone can be round, princess or any other cut. Winston says the halo makes the whole ring, and especially the main stone, look bigger. Double halos are also trending, but the addition of the additional ring of stone drives up the cost.

Cost concerns have actually driven down the size of the main stone over the years, says Winston. One to two carats is now the norm. Couples have often researched stones and want better clarity and quality, even if that means reducing the overall size of the stone.

Fancy designs for the engagement ring often eliminate the need for a separate wedding band. But when couples do opt for a wedding band, eternity rings are the most popular designs out there right now. The ring is a single row of diamonds all the way around and accents most engagement rings.

These are memorable timing in whole life. Pearl designs ring can make your most beautiful. Diamond designs ring give your life graceful personality. Both of you choose your engagement ring for your most beautiful wedding and remember your whole life wedding day.

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