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Think About Family Photography for Your Memories


I’ve decided to focus on all family specially priced holiday sessions this year! This is a promotion I am hoping to accommodate once a year and only once a year. The plan is to accommodate that busy season where it’s just so hard to fit in the time for a full session for the family with all the other plans and shopping that are coming into play but to make it easy for you to have unique, meaningful memories and gifts all sorted out in time for the holidays!

These sessions will be good at reduced pollution for the holidays, sort of like my version of Boxing Day, ha-ha. It’s really a perfect opportunity to get family photos, Christmas cards, and gifts for your loved ones in one swift shot!

I will only focus One day. If there is a high enough demand I will add a second date. 5-30 minute slots will be available on each day. The location will be a country/barn theme and times and how to book your session are list for immediate family only.

Each session includes a gallery of 10-15 beautifully edited images for you to choose from and view for 1 week. The session also includes 25 custom-designed holiday cards with envelopes (six designs to choose from), A Photos film with 5 of the digital files from our session, 30% off any a la carte items and a special holiday gift.

HERE’S HOW TO Focus On All Family:

Look at all family members to make sure your all photos are memorable yet.

Make your photos memorable and most importantly, Focus on all family. I will contact you with a confirmation shortly. As times get scheduled, I will try to cross them out, but be sure to read the comments to verify that your time hasn’t already been claimed.

Cuteness overload!! These girlies were so sweet even if they didn’t want to sleep! At 5 weeks old and over 7 and 8 pounds, they were the plumpest twins I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph and I really did enjoy figuring them out! It’s just so neat to see how different, even as a newborn, these two personalities are. I’m just in awe of that. I find it fascinating in my own kids and they are 2 and a half years apart!!

I say this a lot but I really did enjoy meeting and getting to know their parents and I feel so blessed to meet such awesome people! It has sure helped me to come to love Calgary and to feel a part of the city the longer I’m here!

Enjoy the cuteness overload

Well, it’s been a while since a client preferred a preview on the blog over Facebook! But this lovely couple has been strong enough to resist its temptations and is now my husband’s two favorite people! ha-ha! Anyway, this is the first time, I have photographed a Colton other than my own and I think I snuggled him a little longer than necessary because of it! Here is a preview of our time together, looking forward to editing the rest of his precious images!

I am in love with the photos and can’t wait to see more. My favorite picture is also the first one with the hat. He looks so tiny and precious.

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