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The Quilts Cocoa Sabbaths Maine Family Photographer


They are each other’s opposite. She is the talker, the list maker, the whirlwind. He is the quiet one, the observer, the rock. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders in everything they do. And oh my do they have chemistry. Together they have built an amazing family and chased their dreams.  Together, they are unstoppable.

Meet the Lawlor family

This little guy has grown! Last fall Rylan was just getting his feet going. This year, he is interested in everything (except having his picture taken) and loves the leaves we found.  He has the best laugh I have heard in a long time and is just too sweet for words.

Brennan and I played a lot of hiding and seek to get some photographs of that amazing smile.  He had me laughing so hard with his crazy faces and then I would see this sweet little face peek through.  He is so bright and full of life, it is contagious.

Oh, Miss Hyland.  I wanted to wrap her up and take her home with me. She is so kind, so sweet and such an amazing big sister.  If she hadn’t already won me over, the huge bear hug I got at the end of the afternoon sealed it for me! Um, Jenn, your little girl is growing up into a beautiful young lady.

Jenn is an amazingly talented photographer based out of Georgia. I am so glad we met by accident almost two years ago and I am honored to watch her business continue to grow and flourish. The holds some amazing things for this woman and I will be in the front row of her cheering section!

This moment is exactly what I mean about Jenn & Brian being each other’s rock. In the middle of shivering in the Maine cold and the kids were done, there was this moment.  Definitely my favorite of the day.

Sometimes, no matter how much we want that family photo, things just aren’t going to work.  What I love about Jenn and Brian is they just adapted.  And every single time I look at this shot, I laugh.

Jenn and Brian, thank you.  You endured some brutal cold for your southern bodies and didn’t lose your sense of humor.  I am grateful for your friendship and really, let’s do summer next year:)

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