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The Best Digital Photography Tips for Beginners


These digital photography tips will get you closer to becoming an excellent photographer.

Learn your camera’s settings

Before setting out to shoot pictures with your new camera, get your manual out and learn what each setting is for.  If you’re like me, you can’t wait to start using your new toy, but I have learned that by spending some time reading some parts of the manual, I can find the settings I need faster. You can also use the Internet to find out what each setting does before you even take a picture.

Take more photos

After learning your camera’s settings go out and use your camera. Shoot as many pictures as you want, using your settings in Manual, Program or Aperture Priority. If you’re shooting a landscape, try to use a tripod and apertures f8, f11 and f16. Some lenses are better at certain apertures.

With people, shoot some with flash and others without flash using available light with 400 ASA or above if you don’t have a tripod. Remember you can always delete some images if you don’t like some, so start shooting a lot of pictures.

Dust Off

Digital cameras with removable lenses are like magnets to dust landing on the sensor. Static electricity around the sensor can possibly contribute to attracting dust particles, or other elements to this sensitive area of your camera. You can get rid of the dust with a camera blower brush, just tilt the camera down while blowing. Just be careful not to touch the mirror.

If you see dust spots on your images, turn your camera on, take off your lens and with a shutter setting at 15 seconds, and start to blow the dust with the blower brush for 10 seconds so you the shutter won’t shut the mirror while accidentally sticking your brush inside.

Use a Tripod

A tripod will keep your camera steady which will make your photos clearer. Have you seen those crisp stock images with no grain at all? Many of them are shot with ASA 100, with a good lens and a tripod. Without a tripod you can very easily shake the camera even if you don’t notice it, making your picture look a little blurry. It’s the movement you make when pressing the shutter.

Shoot your subject at different focal length and angles

When shooting people, use different focal lengths with a zoom lens. With a zoom lens, your subject will appear closer and you will get a shallow depth of field. If you have a fast zoom lens, like an f1.8 or an f2.8 for example, you’re going to get the subject in sharp focus and a blurred background, which will look very nice.

Shoot your subject from different angles. Don’t just settle for the normal guy with a camera just shooting from his standing point. Get down and dirty, yeah!! You can get amazing images from a lower level, plus if there are things in the background that you don’t like, you can get some clouds as the background. Move sideways and tilt your camera vertical, horizontal and at an angle too.

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