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Internalize Your Memorable Moments With Photo Album Favors with Your Beach Wedding


This month we had planned to have a gala celebration for my grandparent’s golden wedding anniversary. We decided to have a family reunion and invite all our relatives (numbering nearly a hundred!) for the occasion.

After numerous discussions and arguments, we finally planned to have the wedding anniversary party at the seashore. Since there was very little time, each of us decided to take up one task. I was asked to get party favors for the anniversary party.

As I was browsing the Internet for anniversary party favors, I came across this great website – Buy Wedding Favors Online. They had an awesome collection of natural wedding favors, beach wedding favors, photo frame wedding favors, cheap photo album favors, and more.

As this was a wedding anniversary party, I thought that photo album favors would be apt for the occasion. Their selection of cheap photo album favors included great return gifts such as seashell photo albums, Pink Ribbon Frosted Glass Photo Frames, Little Book of Memories Photo Album Place Card Holder Favors, and Calla Lily Wedding Favor Photo Albums.

All these photo album favors were really cute and charming, and I really didn’t know what to pick. First, I thought that I could go for
the Little Book of Memories Photo Album Place Card Holder Favor. It could be used both as a place card holder and a photo album.

Then, I saw the Calla Lily Wedding Favor Photo Album, which had a beautiful calla lily fabric detail on the front window. My third choice was the Pink Ribbon Frosted Glass Photo Frame that could be used as a place card holder as well.

Finally, I decided to pick the Little Book of Memories Photo Album Place Card Holder Favor. I could use these photo album favors as place cards, and fill the albums with photographs of my grandparents that guests could take back with them. Guess I should thank Buy Wedding Favors Online for making my job of getting party favors so easy and fun!

Beach Wedding Favors- Perfect for a Nautical Themed Wedding

Next The bright red orb slowly sinking into the pale blue ocean as the backdrop and your loved ones smiling in front of you – A perfect beach wedding scenario! If you’re planning a beach wedding, then this post is a must-read for you. I’ve got great beach wedding ideas to help you choose the right kind of beach wedding favors for your nautical themed wedding.

My idea of a perfect beach themed wedding is to have the wedding ceremony on the beach and have a small wedding party on a boat. Go for unique wedding party favors such as Sailboat Tea Light Candle Holder Beach Party Favors, Beach Theme Seashell Bookmarks, or perhaps the Seashell Seaside Keychain Jewels.

As fun favors, you can try the Flip Flop Keychain Beach Party Favors. If your beach wedding is during summer, then these fashionable favors will surely be a hit among guests.

Planning to splurge a lot on your beach themed wedding? Then just book a cruise ship. Deck the ship with nautical themed decorations and get wonderful beach theme wedding favors as return gifts for your guests. Choose the Beach Chair Place Card Holders Photo Frame wedding favor that doubles as place card holders and a beach wedding favors.

Want to give a chic and trendy return gift to your guests? I think the Crystal Party Favor Ocean Clamshell is your best bet. Each multifaceted crystal is designed like a clamshell opening to reveal a beautiful pearl inside. This stunning wedding party favor is surrounded by white satin and placed in a classic blue heart design box.

Well, if you’re wondering where to go shopping to purchase these attractive beach wedding party favors, just heed to your computer. Just order your favorite wedding party favor online. So, happy online shopping and wish you all the best for your beach themed wedding. Ciao!

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