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How to Stay Fit Past Middle Age With Your Lifestyle


As people age, it can become more difficult to stay fit, especially if your life keeps you very busy. Many empty-nesters quickly find that once they are no longer chasing the children around, those extra pounds pile up all too quickly.

Perhaps this is what Tough Money Love before he lost 52 pounds and turned his health around. While there is a common consensus among many people that middle-age equals weight gain, this does not have to be the case. There are many different ways that you can stay fit well past middle age.

Tips for Staying Fit

The first thing you can do is to come up with an easy fitness plan that will work with your schedule and with your personal tastes. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and in fact, something as simple as walking every night can have a big impact on your health.

There are many different little ways to get exercise throughout the day so that it won’t interfere with your schedule. Try out several different types of exercises to see which one will suit your particular needs the best.

Next, you can work on making small dietary changes that will support your efforts with extra exercise. Although fast food is certainly well ingrained in consumer consciousness, the fact remains that it is not the healthiest food you can eat.

In many cases, you may have to sacrifice a small amount of convenience in order to eat the foods that will help you stay fit. Try cutting out just one fast food meal a week and you can easily start seeing weight loss results.

Another key to staying fit past middle age is to develop a network of like-minded friends. It is much easier to keep exercising when you have the support of friends to keep you going. There is a lot to be said for having an exercise buddy and in many cases, you can actually form a little exercise group.

Whether you get together to go to the gym or simply walk around the park, having a support network with you can keep you motivated to stay on your exercise plan.

One of the biggest problems for many people, once they reach middle age, is the fact that their hormones start to work against them When you couple this with a lack of exercise and a poor diet this can easily spell trouble with weight gain.

While there is not much you can do to beat the natural course of aging, there are ways that you can combat the effects that hormones and aging can have on your body.

As we get older our caloric needs change. The number of calories you need every day for basic survival will drop off significantly each year. It is a good idea to calculate your basal metabolism needs to see just how many calories you need each day.

This should be done once a year to keep on top of the natural reduction in the number of calories that your body requires for basic functions. When you are aware of this it is a lot easier to either ramp up your exercise efforts or cut back a little on certain foods.

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