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The Staying Healthy at Sea While Traveling


I woke up to a smoother ocean, so I went up to the Lido for breakfast.  Although there are hand sanitizing dispensers all over the ship, they are alcohol-based, so I prefer to use Clean Well which is made with Ingenious and is alcohol-free.

I have found that after two weeks at sea, the alcohol-based products make the tips of my fingers feel like sandpaper.  When I use alcohol-free sanitizers, my fingertips stay soft and don’t snag my hose.

To sanitize your hands frequently.  It is no fun to be under quarantine and confined to your cabin for 48 hours because of food poisoning.  Although it can be entertaining to watch the men in spacesuits clean your room.  I always bring a bottle of Imodium just in case.

My medicine bag also includes Airborne and Siam.  They both help to shorten the length of a cold.  I also take a daily vitamin supplement and try to drink a glass of water with each meal.  I’d rather be a grape than a raisin.

After breakfast, I went to the 10 am travel talk on our first port of call which was Petropavl0vsk, Russia.  I went to noon trivia and then ate lunch in the Lido.  At 3 pm trivia, I won a set of coasters which I have put to good use in my cabin.  Here is one of the trivia questions:  What is the common name for your axilla?  You have two of them.  I’ll give you another hint.  I had both of them waxed at 5 pm.  The answer will be in the next blog.

I went to my first Pilates lesson at 5:30 pm the ocean was getting rougher, but most of the exercises were done while sitting or lying down.  When my instructor asked me to stand on the machine and act like a pair of scissors, I declined and suggested that we postpone that exercise. Just think about it and focus on your exercise for good health.

  It was nap time, and again I woke up after 8 pm and missed dinner.  I also missed the Captain’s Champagne Welcome Reception.  Ordered dinner from room service and my room steward showed up with a logbook and a card case imprinted with the Grand Voyage logo.  For the first time in my life, I am keeping a diary.

After I turned my clock back one hour, I let the ship rock me to sleep.

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