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Does Celexa Generic Citalopram Affect Eyesight for Your Health


Meds are tested before released to the general public

According to the 2-year rat study done on Celexa, the poor rats developed retinal pathology. What does this mean? What is retinal pathology retinal atrophy? Can Celexa – citalopram cause us to go blind?

Well, I know that the retina is on the outer part of the eye and it is a layer that could become detached or damaged.

What is a symptom of a damaged retina?

Have you ever seen those little white dots appear in your vision for no reason? Sometimes this could mean you have a damaged retina, and it allows little bits of light to go under the lens. That’s where those dots come from. Of course, there are other explanations for white dots in your normal vision, but having a damaged or detached retina is definitely one, for the sure, cause.

Knowing more about the progress of retinal atrophy or degeneration

But, what is retina pathology and is it the same as having white lights? Is it something else? Does it cause blurred vision? The answer is a definite YES. Vision loss does come along with the degeneration of the retina.

Don’t be convinced of your condition until you see a professional. Keep in mind that there are other, maybe more common, eye conditions. Apart from your run of the mill damaged retina, there may be glaucoma or cataracts to consider alternatives.

Citalopram was also given to dogs in a scientific study. I believe the reason behind this had a great deal to do with the fact that some breeds of dogs are commonly susceptible to losing sight as a result of retinal degeneration/atrophy.

Don’t take too much medicine

Naturally, when studies are done on animals, testing doses are much higher than what a human would ever be prescribed to take.

That is why I am even writing this piece in the first place. I have been overdosing myself for a couple of months and I am afraid I might have done some damage to my eyes. I am inclined to see a professional very soon.

Why did I take too much medicine? I like to keep things orderly, so, when I get a fresh bottle of prescribed meds, I’ll always take the remainder meds from my old bottle and combine them into the fresh bottles. Well, I made a mistake by putting some generic citalopram into my blood pressure medicine bottle.

DUMMY! No wonder, when I went to the doctor, I have prescribed an ADDITIONAL blood pressure medicine – duh, my BP meds wasn’t working, because, I hadn’t been taking them. I’m sorry Dr. B. I was just as aggravated as you were when the BP results were not improved that day.

At any rate, I’ve been sucking down 80 mg of citalopram for a couple of months and I only noticed the error this week when my son was helping me fill up my seven-day medicine planner (container).

I feel relatively safe with my Celexa, I’ve read the fact sheet and study results (page 4) of the prescription pamphlet that can be downloaded If you need a free pdf reader.

I began taking generic Celexa (citalopram) after having much success with a medicine called Lexapro, but, after a while, I was not able to continue affording to purchase the Lexapro, and, according to the majority opinion of pharmacy and physician, Celexa was the next best thing in similarity.

Celexa may be prescribed to treat different types of depression that people have with an existing health issue such as stroke or diabetes.

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