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The Stocking a Toolbox for Business Lead Generation


This may come as a surprise, but there are basic tools you need for business lead generation. Many business owners and marketers are also surprised. When it comes to business lead generation, it can be hard to decide what belongs in your toolbox. Should you include any conventional marketing tactics? How many internet marketing tools do you need? And, how do you know which tools are right for B2B marketing?

Business lead generation demands a well-stocked toolbox. If your customers or clients are businesses, here are some of the most important things to have in your toolbox.

Customer intelligence. The relationship is everything in marketing today. You simply must do the research to understand your customer thoroughly. Until then, you will not be able to deploy other tools beneficially. You also will have difficulty segmenting prospective clients and customers by preferences and demographic data.

A sophisticated understanding of search. You need to know how people search the web to find you. When you interact with people (on your web site, for example) you need to know why they are visiting and where they are in the buying cycle. People at different stages in the sales process use different keywords to search. In business lead generation you need to direct searchers to the right kind of landing pages so you don’t present the wrong message or cause them to leave.

Become a thought leader. Make it very clear that you are an expert and that you know your subject. This is very important in business lead generation. The product or service you want to sell to customers must clearly meet their needs or show reliable evidence of ending their pain. This is commonly done with article marketing and with reports, white papers, e-books, blogs, and webinars.

Information sharing events are important in business lead generation. These events attract the attention of potential customers or clients and address their needs. They also demonstrate thought leadership. Finally, they are an outstanding way to gather information about a prospect and start nurturing the prospective client.

Social Media Matters. In our communication environment, even business lead generation success requires some social media activity. Before you start opening accounts with every social media site, take the time to think about your customers and where you are likely to find that customer in communities. Then focus on the sites where they are likely to be found.

Other tools you might want to toss into the toolbox are telemarketing, trade shows, and even direct mail. You can also mix in some advertising in key places or on the web. No matter what other tools you use, you will definitely need customer intelligence, search sophistication, established thought leadership, information sharing events and social media. You will probably find, as well, that using some of these tools together for business lead generation creates amazing results.

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