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Cash On Hand For Gold When You Need It


There are a lot of reasons people are looking for cash for gold places near them. This may sound like an easy search to launch but there are a lot of parameters that need to be considered. Gold is traded in a variety of ways. There are lots of gold dealers who want to buy your gold, some are small local, cash for gold companies others are big gold companies. Everyone has a different way of pricing gold some offer high prices because they are very eager to buy your gold some won’t be as interested.  It depends on the situation and the price of gold. When the price is really good, some gold dealers will offer to buy any kind of scrap gold you may have.

In 2008, when the world was caught up in the financial global crisis, gold had a good run and there were many people wanting to sell their gold. This crisis affected everyone. It was then that a lot of investors saw the wisdom of diversifying their investment portfolios and including gold and other precious metals. From 2008, it became clear how vulnerable fiat currencies can be. Central banks respondent by printing unlimited amounts of money because of the fractional reserve banking system. However, this system proved how unstable the world currencies were. The value of currencies rose and fell depending on geopolitical issues and other issues. To avoid this unpredictable rise and fall of currencies, investors are seeing the wisdom of investing in tangible assets like gold and silver.

What is this Fractional Reserve Banking system?

The Fractional reserve banking system allows reserve banks to hold 10% of whatever money they have as bills or printed cash that gets stored in bank accounts. Simply put, a bank can withhold 10% of every $1000 you deposit , meaning that they can keep $100 of a $1000 and  $10, 000 of a $10,000 cash deposit you make. The money they withhold, the use to give out loans to other customers.  This system created an illusion that the money that people loan to buy whatever was real when it was “fake money” that has been circulating a loan to other customers. In times of crisis, this money isn’t worth what you would expect it to be worth but gold retains its value amid political turmoil, currency value fluctuations and falling economies.  Gold thrives in times of trouble. Many people, who lived through the global financial crisis of 2018, did not want to find themselves in the same predicament of having to lose everything because the markets were plummeting.  When the Covid -19 Pandemic hit, those people who had learnt a thing or two from previous economic crisis started looking at gold more seriously.

Anyone can own some gold

The great thing about investing in gold is that you don’t need hundreds of thousands worth of gold bullion coins or bars. You can start with something as small as jewellery. Some cultures revere gold make it part of their celebrations: In India, a wedding is not a wedding without gold. In China, every new year is celebrated with gifts of gold.

This gold is either passed down in the family or it is sold in times of financial crisis. If you end up in a small crisis you can simply sell some of it when you need cash fast. You can sell your gold jewellery to anyone who offers cash for gold, or you can sell your gold bullion coins and bars to any of the reputable gold dealers in Melbourne.

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