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Are Rectangle Eyeglasses Right for You in Latest Fashion


The old adage, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” can safely be laid to rest. The advances in the eyewear industry have made glasses more like a fashion accessory than social stigma. Today’s lenses are light and easy to wear, making them a more socially acceptable fashion accessory. There are countless subcategories of frames—from construction to shape and color, there are endless styles to choose from.

So what’s best for your face?

Should you choose round frames, metal frames, frameless or rectangle glasses? Frame choices are a matter of taste, really, but some shapes suit some faces better than others. Rectangle eyeglasses are suitable for a range of face-shapes. Read on to learn more.

Just about any face can look good with rectangle eyeglasses. Round and heart-shaped faces both look fantastic with this type of eyewear. And because oval and oblong faces can handle a wide variety of spectacle shapes, the rectangle is an option for this crowd as well.

In fact, the only group that should steer clear is our square-faced friends. Because they already have strong facial features, a round or oval frame will help soften their features, while the strong lines of a rectangle shape will wind up looking clunky and awkward.

Rectangle eyeglasses come in a variety of colors with varying details and construction materials. The wearer will enjoy a fresh, young look when the right details are chosen to enhance their natural features.

For example, a heavy and chunky frame gives your style an instant makeover without changing your wardrobe. In this instance, a petite face may be overpowered by the heavy looking frame. A petite face that meets all other criteria for wearing rectangles well might have the best luck with a lighter looking metal frame. Metal frames also don a sophisticated and smart look. It’s all in the details, really.

And because rectangle eyeglasses make such a fashion statement, they have become a popular choice for cosmetic glasses as well. This means that individuals that don’t need prescription lenses often choose this type of frame for no other reason than making a fashion statement. Even celebrities have been spotted wearing this popular frame choice.

The likes of Denise Richards, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Amber Rose have all been spotted donning this star-studded look in eyewear. If you are in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses, whether to see better or just to make a statement, consider the rectangle frame.

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