Quick Fix to Your Wifi Router Issues

Effective and fast internet has become the fourth basic need in our generation. It feels better when you can Whats App quickly, online search that topic, watch that video or sermon on YouTube, upload your resume, enjoy online gaming, check out the recently released hit of your favorite artist. This is all we need but it does not happen this way most times. The other day it could not load that page, today its loading slowly, your phone is not connecting. This is not unique to your WiFi router. These are common WiFi routers issues.

The most frustrating and common one is the no internet connection. The error displays itself as WiFi connected, no internet. The quick fix for this is to restart your router by unplugging it then plug it back after some minutes then wait for an extra five minutes and try to connect again. This resets and refreshes your internet device. In most cases, this works and in the event, it does not seek assistance from your internet provider. The icons on the router can also be helpful in tracking the source of the issue.

Wifi Router

Different internet provider brands got different router icons but a good number of the manufactures include three major ones the WiFi, globe, ether net icons that are usually solid when everything is fine and turn to different colors when there is an internet issue. It is advisable to refer to the manufacturers manual for clear understanding and interpretation of the icons.

Slow internet connection is another common internet issue. With this you feel wasted there is internet but slow you seat there waiting for minutes for the execution of a simple command. To solve this you need to establish whether its your machine or an internet issue with your provider. This is done by plugging an ethernet cable directly to your router, check for internet speed and compare it to WiFi connection. If both are slow the internet provider is the issue.

You can also change wireless settings such as channel width, WiFi advance. Cases where ether net connection is faster your internet device could be the issue. Check your routers physical location, it should be centrally placed, elevated and no distracted by furniture. For big houses installing WiFi extenders is a good idea to cater for the distance. Other ghost users can also lower your internet speed if your WiFi hot spot is not secured.

Where WiFi is not connecting to all devices. Here the solution is in changing the wireless security or update your device to the latest android. The other common one is the WiFi with the red cross. The red cross issue happens when same saved WiFi password is changed. With this you remove the saved WiFi name at the manage WiFi settings, forget then re-install it with the new password.

In other cases, WiFi disappears completely. This can be attributed to overheating that leads to automatic shutdown of the system. To avoid thisAndroid the router should be placed in a cool, free place with less overcrowding. The network may also disappear when it resets itself. 

See, you can fix a good number of these router issues without having to consult an internet expert. You first identify the possible cause and the rest is quite easy. Wave bye to router issues.